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Jiménez-Casquet Gestión Integral de Proyectos SL, has been created relying on its members' wide experience, who have been developing their careers over the past 10 years at the forefront of various fields in the development and management of large tourism projects, engineering, architecture, legal consulting, management consulting, financial advisory and project management; working as employees or as independent professionals through the stages of the different realized projects.

The company was born precisely at this moment, in order to implement all the knowledge and expertise acquired by its professionals, backed by experience and reliability on their overall management of projects in the following sectors: hotel and tourism resorts, mainly nautical.

The company is born with a family vocation, with principles of independence and an international character, and is supported by a multidisciplinary team which has been involved in all stages of the development of major projects: design, financing, construction, consultancy and advice, marketing and commissioning way; developing its own methodology, which applies to projects from design to its implementation and subsequent management, controlling all phases of each project or work, costs and deadlines.

The company has been created precisely in times of uncertainty and mistrust in all sectors: finance, construction, engineering, architecture; but is born with will and dedication, and uses its imagination to create new ideas and make them real, as well as the conviction that we must work with a new mentality, because in these times there are only two scenarios: ideas with no added value in which we can not entrust our fate or performance, and ideas of their own with added value, which will attract investment, will mitigate the uncertainty and risk, and that will need our unlimited effort, originality, perseverance, persuasion and partnerships to achieve the objectives.

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